Duty Calls

Opening scene of the chapter Duty Calls


Modular conduit set


The sewage canals of the Guard Duty chapter Duty Calls

Shotgun Ammo Render

Render in Marmoset of the Shotgun Ammo model created for OBM and GD


Game Ready prop with diffuse, normal, and specular maps

Boot Camp

Multiplayer Arena re-imagined

Metal Trim Composition

Pair of diffuse and bump maps

Various Props1

Various props for OBM/GD Rendered in the Source 2009 modelviewer


You have successfully arrived at the online portfolio of Brandon “EvilGoodGuy” Smith.

Here you will find 3D renders, 2D Texture Sheet renders, Level Design Screen Captures,  Videos of Animation, and blogs about my workflow and special projects.


I am an aspiring Level Designer with a skill set that expands to 3D modeling, Texture Art, and basic 3D animation and rigging.

I mostly work with the Source Engine, and have created community maps for titles such as Left4Dead 2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.

My main projects revolve around Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty – Ground up Recreations of HL:Opposing Force and HL:Blue Shift – which are being created by Tripmine Studios – which I have a senior role with.